Union attorney apologizes for “plantation” comments


At a time when rational minds could get a deal done between the NBA and its players, union attorney Jeffrey Kessler — already disliked by David Stern and the owners — came in with a flamethrower saying the owners treat players like “plantation workers.” Stern threw some fire right back at Kessler.

Wednesday, Kessler said he would apologize for the comments. Via the twitter account of ESPN’s Chris Broussard.

“The comments that I made in The Washington Post took place in an interview late at night Monday after a very long day. Looking back, the words that I used were inappropriate; I did not intend to offend. I was merely passionately advocating for the players. I intend to call Commissioner Stern and offer my apologies for the remarks. It is very important that there be no distractions now and that the parties try to make a deal to save the season.’

Stern will accept the apology, still not like Kessler, and we’ll all move on.

But note to you kids reading at home — all slavery and Hitler references miss the mark when you are talking sports. Don’t use them.