If no deal soon, Kyrie Irving says he is going overseas. Right.


Ahhh, rookies. It really takes some time to learn the timing of the NBA. Whether it is when to make a pass to a cutting player — the players move faster and the windows are smaller in the NBA — or how to act off the court, it takes some getting used to.

Which brings us to this latest tweet from Cavaliers No. 1 overall pick Kyrie Irving, sent out Tuesday night.

if a deal doesn’t get done soon….overseas here i come

Kyrie, the window on going to Europe pretty much closed. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe your agent has a firm offer out there, but the fact is that most European rosters are set right now. Especially the good teams, the ones in EuroLeague and the ones in cities you would like. They’ve all been playing for a couple months and the best teams are not going to muck with chemistry to bring in an untested college player who missed most of last season and a lot of the summer recovering from a foot injury.

You’re threats are not moving the negotiations needle.

I think Irving speaks for a lot of players who want to think they can go overseas right now if talks fall apart again. They are in for a rude awakening.

Hopefully, the threat and all of it is moot. Hopefully.