Report: Hardline NBA owners had conference call Monday


To the hardline NBA owners, Steve Blake is the enemy.

The NBA’s hardline owners spoke Monday on a conference call that did not include David Stern, according to Chris Broussard of ESPN. Since Stern was not on the call this was essentially some form of group therapy and reinforcement, but apparently it did take place.

This is what Broussard tweeted:

7-11 hardline owners expressed their displeasure with David Stern’s 50/50 offer to the players Monday on a conference call, sources said. The owners on the call included Michael Jordan, Paul Allen and Herb Kohl. They are hoping the players reject the offer, sources said…

The owners fear the player reps meeting in NYC Tuesday will push for approval of the deal. David Stern was not on the conference call.

Why do they hate Steve Blake? Because Blake is one of the players pushing for a vote on David Stern’s ultimatum. If it goes to a vote, it very well may pass (the union is divided).

But the other question I have is this: Are 7 to 11 owners driving this? At what point do the majority of owners tell them to sit down, shut up and take the 50/50 as a massive win? Because at some point the only way a deal gets done is if someone on both sides tells the hardliners to shut up.

It can’t happen soon enough.