Don Nelson will walk for his diploma


We now take a break from the madness of labor negotiations to bring you a little bit of a fun one. Retired Warriors coach Don Nelson will apparently get to walk for the diploma he earned in 1962 for finishing his degree before he was drafted. From Sports Business Daily:

Former NBA coach Don Nelson will graduate from college “almost 50 years after being” drafted in the ’62 NBA Draft. Nelson “plans to go through the University of Iowa commencement service in the spring of 2012, having fulfilled the necessary credits for his bachelor’s degree.”

via Names In The News – SportsBusiness Daily | SportsBusiness Journal.

Nelson completed his course work but never got the walk. So there will be the Run-And-Gunner himself, shaking the hand of the dean along with all the other people who are trying to determine what they’re going to do with the rest of their lives. Kind of appropriate.

How awesome would it be to have Don Nelson at your graduation party?