Maybe Jordan is driving a hard bargain because his partners want out


There are a couple possible reasons that Michael Jordan is the guy out in front of the hardline owners leading the charge to crush the players.

The most likely explanation — he’s Michael Jordan and he has to demolish the opposition in any competition. Jordan can be an unforgiving jerk — did you see his Hall of Fame acceptance speech? — but that drive served him well on the court. Now, even though he was a player, he has to win and show no mercy as an owner. There is no empathy, no mercy.

But another possible explanation is that Jordan needs to turn this team around to attract other owners into his Bobcats group. The New York Daily News explains (via Eye on Basketball).

A minority stake in the Bobcats has recently been put up for sale, the Daily News has learned.

How much of the team is on the market and which partner is looking to get out isn’t known, according to sources, although one potential buyer has told business associates that he had been approached about buying “50% of the team…”

“Michael isn’t going anywhere, but there are other people in his group that want to get out,” said a source. “There’s a big piece for sale.”

Jordan will remain the front man for the franchise, but he needs to make a team that has lost about $7 million a year to look attractive to investors. That could be a part of his motivation.

But mostly, he just has to win.