J.J. Hickson is one game and done in Israel


J.J. Hickson is not going to go down in history as one of the legends of Israeli basketball.

The Sacramento Kings forward played one game for Bnei Hasharon of Israel but has been released after one game because he was late for a couple practices. Practice? Yes, we’re talkin’ ’bout practice. Noam Schiller, writer for Cowbell Kingdom and follower of the Israeli basketball league, tweeted this.

So, to recap: J.J. Hickson signs in Israel, plays ONE game in which his team loses by 39 points, is late to practice, gets released

Hickson was a -44 in that game.

Playing overseas is not a vacation. For these teams, this is their NBA, the way they make a living. NBA players who come over and treat this as if they were tourists are not going to be tolerated.