Judge tosses minority owner’s lawsuit against Mark Cuban

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It made for a nice bit of sensationalism — a minority owner of the Dallas Mavericks suing Mark Cuban and calling the franchise “insolvent.”

Even more amusing was Cuban’s “we’re the champs” legal defense.

Which apparently is a good strategy because on Thursday a judge tossed Ross Perot Jr.’s lawsuit out, according to the Dallas Business Journal.

Judge Craig Smith of the 192nd Judicial District Court dismissed the lawsuit Thursday and ordered that all claims asserted by Perot be denied. Perot also was ordered to pay all court costs. The ruling can be appealed.

In legal terms it’s called “summary judgment,” tossing a case before it even gets to trial. In laymen’s terms, it means the judge said the Perot’s case was about as sound as a Shaquille O’Neal free throw attempt.

(By the way, yes Perot is related to presidential candidate, the plaintiff is the son of the former candidate.)

Perot’s complaint was that the Mavericks lost money every year. But that is obscured some because Cuban and partners also own the arena the Mavericks play in, so money can change pockets. Besides, the value of the franchise rose enough to more than cover the losses. Finally, Cuban personally backed Perot’s share of the team. So Perot was all good financially, he just doesn’t like Cuban.

Which it turns out is not enough to win a lawsuit.