That didn’t take long: Beasley parts ways with PR firm


A couple weeks back, the news broke that oft-maligned Timberwolves Michael Beasley had hired a public relations company to help with his image. It made some sense, Beasley had shoved a fan in the face at a pro-am game and had a marijuana bust this past summer, he needed some good PR.

How exactly bombarding media with a bunch of late-night press releases (which is what we were told happened) was going to help his image is another question, but at least Beasley was going to try.

Since then, Beasley called he lockout “retarded” and filed a countersuit against his former agent and AAU coach that discussed all the illegal benefits he got to play college ball at Kansas State.

Not shockingly, there was this release sent out late Tuesday (via Eye on Basketball).

“Please be advised that S&S Associates is no longer affiliated with Michael Beasley,” the statement read. “Please refer all inquiries to ‘Shooter’.” (The release gave a number for Shooter.)

The only thing that will ever rehab Beasley’s image is a season or three of consistent, hard-working basketball. At both ends of the floor. Not sure if we’ll ever see it.