Terrence Williams tells union “enough with the stare off”


Thursday in New York the leaders of the NBA players union are going to get together … and it’s going to be interesting. Because they need to formulate a plan with the union solidarity splintering around them.

Some of that division had bubbled to the top in media reports (a couple of which forced Derek Fisher to call his attorney and threaten more litigation).

Then Wednesday second-year swingman Terrence Williams — formerly of the Nets, now of the Rockets — threw some gasoline on that fire with these tweets.




Remember, Derek Fisher is reportedly the guy willing to dip below 52 percent of basketball related income to the players to get a deal done. It is union director Billy Hunter (who did not play in the NBA but has a fascinating history) who is holding the hard line at 52.5.

There is a divide in the union, and a lot of the rank and file players like Williams are getting restless. If the owners’ 50/50 proposal were put to a vote of all the players it might win. There are agents (who want the union to hold the line at 52.5) who fear it would.

Fisher and Hunter have some real work cut out for them.