Our survey said: Chris Paul to play “Family Feud”


“Let’s play the Feud!”

Chris Paul is dragging along his family to be on an episode of “Family Feud,” reports the Times-Picayune (via SLAM). Money he and his family wins will go to the CP3 Foundation (his charity) and the episode will air next Tuesday (although check your local listings). Paul got on the show the same way everyone else did, by calling the hotline for potential contestants. Seriously.

In case you wondered, Steve Harvey is currently the host. I had to look that up, for the record.

“The category is: Famous basketball players about to become free agents. O’Hara family, you get the first guess.”

“We say… Dwight Howard”

“Show me Dwight Howard! That’s our number one answer!”

Chris Paul: “Hey. I’m right here.”