NBA owners to talk revenue sharing; owners/players staffs talk

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There is talking going on. No, the bigwigs of the league and the NBA players union are not sitting down across a table and actually doing work — why would they do that? — but there is talk going on.

Specifically, the NBA owners are talking revenue sharing again Tuesday. Meanwhile, staffs from the NBA owners and players have been talking even if their bosses haven’t.

The owners will be on a conference call Tuesday to discuss revenue sharing again, according to Ken Berger of CBS Sports and Kaufman Sports.

Last week at the Board of Governors meetings the owners were presented a long worked on revenue sharing plan… that left everybody confused and not everyone in support of it. So, they are back at it today. The revenue sharing plan cannot be finalized until the deal with the players is in place, but the plan presented would have about tripled the $60 million shared last season. I’m sure Cavs owner Dan Gilbert doesn’t think that’s enough, but it sounds like it to me.

On another note, Chris Broussard at ESPN reports that the staffs for the owners and players continue to talk and met for a while on Monday. Which is nice. Not thrilling, but nice. But until the big guns — Billy Hunter and David Stern — sit down in a room again with actual desire to get a deal, it’s hard to get too excited about it. Especially with more games about to be canceled.