Derrick Rose is not going to play in Croatia. Never was.


Rumors started to fly around on Tuesday that Derrick Rose was talking to KK Zagreb of Croatia and might go play there during the lockout.

Nope. Never was going to happen. Rose has been consistent is saying he wasn’t going right now even though he was contacted by some teams. Including KK Zagreb, who made an offer. Rose (like most NBA stars) was never going to do more than an exhibition tour.

Here is our man Aggrey Smith of explaining it:

“A day after news leaked about Croatian team KK Zagreb’s recruitment of the Chicago native, the club issued a clarifying statement, in which it acknowledged that they initiated the process. Regardless, it’s unlikely that Rose will play for the squad, although reports continue to indicate that he may join a star-studded, multi-continent tour with other stars, possibly including Bulls teammate Carlos Boozer, set to begin Saturday in Puerto Rico.”

So back away from the ledge Bulls fans. All D-Rose is going to do is take it to some fans and pimp some shoes in the process. For now.