Deron Williams, Nets GM King not hurt in Turkish earthquake


The 7.2 earthquake that has devastated Turkey has cost more than 260 lives (and that count is still climbing), wounded thousands and many more left homeless and in need of assistance.

It’s natural in this kind of situation to wonder about people we know in the area, and that led many to ask on twitter and in other media about Nets star Deron Williams, who is playing in Turkey during the lockout.

He and his family are fine. Williams is playing in Istanbul, more than 800 miles away from the epicenter of the earthquake. The quake rocked the Kurdish area near Iraq and Armenia, while Istanbul is located on the other end of the country, closer to Bulgaria and Greece.

Williams (who was born in Texas and is apparently a Rangers fan) tweeted that he was fine.


Nets general manager Billy King had flown to Turkey to watch D-Will play — but not to talk to him because the lockout has to screw everything up — and he is also fine. He was only in Istanbul as well plus was on a plane home when the earthquake hit.