Derrick Rose passenger in car stopped for DUI Friday


While you were sleeping last night — well, we assume you were sleeping but we’re not going to ask — Derrick Rose was hanging out in a Hollywood police station.

Rose was not arrested, not charged with any wrongdoing. But he was not in a good place Thursday night into Friday morning.

TMZ has the story (via Eye on Basketball).

Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose strolled out of an LAPD station at 3:00 AM today … after his BFF was arrested for DUI … and Derrick was a passenger in the car.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ …. the 2011 NBA MVP was a passenger in a black BMW being driven by his close friend and personal assistant Randall Hampton … when cops stopped the car on a routine traffic violation at around 2:00 AM Friday morning.

When cops spoke to Hampton — who played high school basketball with Rose — officers claim they detected the odor of alcohol. Hampton was given a field sobriety test … and was eventually arrested on suspicion of DUI. Rose was free to go.

TMZ pretty much has people hanging out in front of the Hollywood police station, waiting for crap like this to happen. There is nowhere to hide. But again, Rose was not arrested and did not break any laws. So it’s sort of good news, but he was still the passenger in a car being driven by a drunk person.

Wrong place, wrong time for a young MVP trying to keep his nose clean and sell his new shoes.