Mark Cuban and the art of labor compromise? Apparently.


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, as much or more than any owner, should want the NBA season to start. Every day it is delayed is another day he doesn’t get to hang a banner up and hand Dirk Nowitzki a ring. There is more partying to do.

So with the two sides stuck in labor talks on the thorniest of issues — the split of basketball related income — here comes Cuban to the rescue, according to (via Eye on Basketball).

In fact, a source briefed on the talks told’s David Aldridge that there won’t be a problem on the split. Dallas owner Mark Cuban reportedly was helpful in moving the owners and the players — each of whom had wanted 53 percent of BRI (the old split favored the players 57/43) — toward the middle.

Good. At the end of the day it’s going to take some level heads on both sides to find a middle ground. Maybe Cuban can be what Kevin Garnett could not be. We need those guys if we are going to see basketball any time soon.