Jameer Nelson isn’t freaking out about Howard leaving Magic


Orlando is freaking out. Dwight Howard sounded like a guy with one foot out the door in Esquire Magazine, and Orlando sees history repeating itself.

But Jameer Nelson isn’t worried.

The point guard and second best Magic player (sorry Hedo, it’s true) told the Orlando Sentinel that Magic fans need to chill, that it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. (via SLAM)

“I think it was blown out of proportion,” Nelson said at a charity event for Gametyme Foundation. “I mean, whatever the guy says right now people are going toe it and run with it….

“People ask me every day what he’s going to do,” Nelson said. “I don’t know what he’s going to do. I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow. One thing I know is the guy is preparing to be the best player he can be this season, and that’s all I can say. I don’t know what his decision is going to be.

“Whatever he’s going to do, he’s like my little big brother. He’ll definitely have support from me. But obviously, he’s definitely wanted here in Orlando.”

The new labor agreement will impact Howard’s choice. But like we said looking at what the Magic need to do after the lockout, the franchise has boxed itself into a corner with bad contracts. It will be very hard to put more talent around Howard. It is going to be hard to build a team that can compete with Miami and Chicago in the East.

And that’s the reason he may go — Howard wants to win a ring and it doesn’t look like it will happen in Orlando. That is reason to freak out