Bargnani denies rumors of return to Italy, Ashley Madison

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Like pretty much everyone else who has ever been linked to, Andrea Bargnani is denying everything. He doesn’t even know what you are talking about.

Bargnani had been linked to a deal with Virtus Roma for $2 million with — a controversial Web site that helps married men and women who want to cheat hook up — as the main sponsor.

Bargnani took to twitter to deny the rumors (Sportando gives us the translation)

“I want all my fans and all the people who read the newspapers lately that I am not involved in any news written or attributed to me since one month”.

This, by the way, does not mean his agent hasn’t been talking to Virtus Roma. And that whatever conversations were had the Italian team went public with (as did the Web site) because it’s good publicity for them.

Still, may not want to bet that Bargnani is going to cheat on the Raptors while the NBA is locked out.