Metta World Peace makes his sitcom debut Tuesday


Well, at least he’s not dancing.

But Metta World Peace — the baller formerly known as Ron Artest — will be back on your televisions tonight. He tweeted he will be on a BET sitcom. (Via Mark Medina at the Los Angeles Times.)


“Reed Between the Lines” is a family sitcom, but don’t think Cosby. Think more realistic. Well, it is like the Cosby family in that Malcolm-Jamal Warner has a key role, that they all like each other, that they are a middle class black family, but it comes with fewer ugly sweaters.

How does World Peace fit in? I’ve got no idea.

What makes me happy is the last line of that — we will get more World Peace on the screen (big and small).

By the way, the Lakers front office just cringed, there are some there that feel the guy who was key to the Lakers last title run has become distracted by celebrity and life in Los Angeles. Ron-Ron? No way.