Pacers Danny Granger to take arena workers out to dinner


Workers in NBA areas have become the latest pawn in the labor dispute that will have the NBA closing the doors to those arenas for at least the first couple weeks of the season.

Both sides have started pointing to those arenas workers — many of whom make minimum wage or just a little more to give fans hot dogs and beer, then after the games go through the building to clean up hot door wrappers and beer cups — as the ones really hurt by the other side in the lockout. Those are the people missing paychecks that really matter. And no doubt some of those workers will be hurt by the NBA buildings closing their doors for any number of dates.

The Pacers Danny Granger injected himself into this debate with this tweet Sunday:


It’s a nice gesture. You know what would be a nicer gesture? Ending the lockout and letting those people get back to work.

Make no mistake, this is in part PR by the players. Not saying it’s not a well meaning move by Granger, just saying there is a PR aspect to this. Fans are growing more and more weary of the PR war, they just want hoops.