Suns owner Saver plays in hoops league with union lawyer


I expected to read this note today about as much as I expected the Tea Party to endorse Occupy Wall Street.

But it turns out Suns owner Robert Sarver has some interesting pickup basketball partners — and an interesting game. Zach Lowe put up the story at Sports Illustrated’s The Point Forward.

It was with that image in mind the other day that I called, a Phoenix-based lawyer the players’ union brought on in the spring to file its complaint with the National Labor Relations Board. I was pushing Katz for an update on the NLRB case — and getting nowhere — when he mentioned as an aside that he plays in an adult men’s basketball league with Robert Sarver.

Robert Sarver? The guy who has been one of the hardline owners and has come off poorly? The guy whose wife asked him to bring back the mid-level exception in a handbag? That Robert Sarver?

Yup. And Katz had nice things to say about his game.

So what is Sarver like on the court? Katz compares him to Jared Dudley, in that Sarver is a tough jack-of-all-trades type who isn’t necessarily elite at any one part of the game. He works hard on defense, Katz says, and he can drain a three if he’s open.

Dudley — hard-core union guy — just threw up in his mouth a little. But I’d be curious to see Sarver on the court.

What I’m getting out of this is that my rec basketball league lacks some star power. I need an owner in it… although not sure I want Donald Sterling on my team, come to think of it.