Shane Battier’s willing to sacrifice BRI money to lower ticket prices. Swell guy.


Shane Battier is very much the black sheep of the NBPA. He was one of the first to challenge Billy Hunter on the issue of his salary in the lockout, and has consistently played contrarian to the NBPA’s homogeneous stream of rhetoric. On Friday, he took it a step further. With every NBA player out there saying 53 percent and no lower is their battle cry on BRI (that was an unfortunate rhyme), Battier said he’d be willing to budge if the money didn’t go to the owners, but to the fans.


Methinks I would forgo a few points on the BRI, if we could guarantee that NBA games would be more affordable for fans, especially familiesFri Oct 14 17:03:09 via Tweetlogix

Battier said that he himself wouldn’t have been able to go see games with how expensive tickets (and beer, for his dad) are, crediting his father for the sacrifice (not the beer, presumably).

It’s brave for Battier, another example of him breaking ranks in the pursuit of reason. Battier’s not in-line with the rest of the groupthink, and speaks what’s on his mind. We could use a few more out-of-the-box thinkers like Battier in the negotiating room, and fewer dogmatic ramblers.