NBATV ratings plummet during lockout… don’t you like “Teen Wolf?”


NBA TV has been as hard to watch as a Shawn Marion jump shot during the lockout.

Banned from showing any current NBA players, they have been relegated to showing nothing but classic games. No summer league games, no shows previewing the upcoming season, no shows talking fantasy hoops, no drop ins on training camp.

Which led to these tweets from TV Sports Ratings:

NBA TV had an average audience of 11,000 viewers last week (fewest ever). Among measured ad-supported cable nets, only Fuel (7k) had less.

Since start of lockout, NBA TV has aired Fish/Saved Pitt 16 times, One on One (Robby Benson) 14 times & Teen Wolf 8 times.

Last night’s NBA TV lockout coverage consisted of back-to-back airings of Robbie Benson in One on One: 11,000 viewers at 9p & 7,000 at 11p

It’s okay, I can’t watch One on One either, but what do you people have against Teen Wolf? You could watch that 8 times a week and it wouldn’t get old. It’s Michael J. Fox at the peak of his powers.

Come on people, it’s that or the 1963 NBA finals in black and white again.