Ginobili suffers mild ankle sprain in pick-up game


In the off chance that David Stern and Billy Hunter stop acting like fools next week, this could be relevant. But it probably won’t matter.

Manu Ginobili has suffered a mild ankle sprain while training in Argentina, reports the News-Express Spurs Blog (and Project Spurs).

The injury, which is not considered serious, apparently occurred when Ginobili landed awkwardly on his ankle after attempting a 3-point shot.

What happened, did Bruce Bowen step under him when he landed?

Ginobili is Argentinian and led is country to a FIBA Americas championship and Olympic berth this summer, and since has remained in the country.

If this really is minor, it should be no big deal since we are more than a month away from NBA action, at best. That is plenty of time to heal. But it has to be a concern in this way — San Antonio won 61 games last season because their key guys stayed healthy for the most part. Their only chance at one more run is for everyone to be healthy again, this is a team with no margin for error (and even that may well not be enough).

But for now, this injury doesn’t really matter.