President Obama “a little heartbroken” over NBA lockout


President Barack Obama has problems, ones that dwarf yours and mine. In the best of times the president has life-or-death issues to deal with daily, and these are not the best of times.

Like you and me, he needs an occasional escape rom those problems. Like you and me, the NBA and basketball can provide that.

Except not now, not with the NBA locked out and the first two weeks of the season already thrown in the trashcan. That is not sitting well with the president, according to The Hill (via Trey Kirby’s twitter account).

President Obama said Tuesday that he’s “a little heartbroken that the NBA season is getting delayed” at a fundraiser in Orlando with Magic star Dwight Howard….

Obama said he had discussed the situation backstage with Howard, and hopes to see players back on the court “soon.”

Before you suggest the president should step in to help end the lockout (or send in a negotiator to help out) go back up to the first paragraph — he’s got real problems to do with. With troops in the Middle East, a struggling economy, health care and education issues in this nation (to name just a few things), I’d rather have the president focus his energies on solving real problems. Not millionaires and billionaires who can’t figure out how to divide up $4 billion a year.

But you have to wonder if Obama looked up at Howard and said, “Dude, just figure it out already, this is stupid. And stop tweeting “let us play” would you guys, it’s makes you sound like whiners.”