NBA owners to meet in New York next week


The NBA owners and players are barely talking — although they are getting a federal mediator — so the owners are going to talk amongst themselves.

David Stern conducted a conference call with his labor relations committee this week and next week all the owners will gather together to talk lockout and revenue sharing, the New York Post reports.

The two sides are going to meet in New York on Monday to talk with the help of a federal mediator.

Something the owners need to consider when they sit down next week is something we discussed earlier today at PBT — the owners need to give the players some kind of victory to end this. They cannot be the Roman Army rolling into, well, just about anywhere before 200 AD — victory and submission are not total. This is a negotiation; you need to offer them some path that the union can claim as a victory to end this. It’s not trendy to do that in America, we have become divided and strident in our politics. This should be different.

It’s not all or nothing, it’s about the bigger picture of what is good for the game. Maybe it’s BRI, maybe it’s the system, but the owners have won the negotiations now they need to give a little and end this before the damage they do wipes out all the gains they are making.

I’m guessing that will not be the tone in the room, however.