Psych! NBA, NBPA end meetings, will resume Monday


The NBA and NBPA met for five-plus hours Sunday night  and all they have to show for it is another meeting.

After being faced with the very real possibility of losing games in a cancellation announcement expected Monday, the two sides reportedly did not discuss BRI, the biggest issue between them, did not reach much progress according to Derek Fisher, and definitely did not close a deal. But the good news is that they did agree to meet Monday afternoon, with Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher cancelling planned flights to LA for an NBPA meeting Monday.

Both sides refuse to move on BRI it seems with the players holding at 53 percent and the league refusing to go above 50. Even though the split makes a tremendous amount of financial sense, neither side would apparently touch the issue in the most important meeting to date.

So we wait another day, to see if tomorrow is the day that common sense comes calling or if egos continue to run the game. But after a five-hour meeting that didn’t address the biggest issue and still netted little progress, the clouds continue to darken over the start of the season. The rain comes tomorrow.