Might Nets try to go big, get a center for twin towers look?


The Nets have a lot of challenges to deal with when the lockout ends. And they have ticking clock — Deron Williams can opt out and walk at the end of the season if he wants.

Most people — including we here at PBT — think at upgrade at the two forward spots makes the most sense. Less Travis Outlaw, more pretty much anyone else.

But that may not be what the Nets are thinking, tweeted Al Iannazzone of the Bergin Record (via SBN).

Think bigger, they’ll try for Tyson Chandler and Nene 1st. RT @ANotaMiK: What would be the #Nets first few moves? Pls don’t say David West.

It’s an interesting — if long shot — of an idea. You could start either of those at center, make Brook Lopez your four (or Nene the four, Lopez the five), and you have in Williams a PG who can feed them. It means slowing the game down, but the Nets would have a front line few teams could match.

Or, you can just try to turn Brook Lopez into Dwight Howard through a trade and still try to find a wing.

Really, right now, the Nets just need to get more talent in the door. Bring in one of those two and it could be hard to make other moves under the new labor agreement. Getting that talent to play together better would be nice, but with this roster you can’t blame Avery Johnson for the problems. So sure, why not Nene or Chandler?