J.R. Rider arrested in Arizona on parole violation


Sadly, this isn’t shocking or unlikely.

Isaiah “J.R.” Rider has been picked up on a parole violation and remains behind bars in Arizona, TMZ reports. He was on probation for a 2010 violation where he tried to flee from police who wanted to pull him over for erratic driving.

But it could also have been tied to his arrest last year for assaulting his fiancé. Or it could go back even farther to previous charges of domestic violence, battery, fraud (having a cell phone rigged to charge the calls to another number) and multiple arrests for possession of marijuana.

Rider stuck in the NBA for nine seasons (the last one was 2001-02) because he could put the ball in the hole (he had six seasons averaging 16 or more points per game). He also won a dunk contest, and becaus of those things fans liked him. But he was of average efficiency as a scorer and he had a lot of run ins with management, so he bounced around the league.