Insurance will keep Bogut from playing in Australia after all


Andrew Bogut wanted to play in Australia during the lockout. He even tweeted it was almost a reality. He could sharpen his game coming off an injury and bring attention to a hoops league in a nation where rugby, Australian Rules Football, soccer, cricket and other sports are thought of well before hoops. (Well, Australian Rules Football is pretty cool.)

But it’s not going to happen, and you can blame insurance — he couldn’t get it to cover his remaining NBA salary.

Marc Stein at ESPN has the story.

Agent David Bauman said Thursday that a deal to put Bogut on the court with the Sydney Kings is “off” because insuring the nearly $40 million remaining on the 7-footer’s contract with the Milwaukee is not feasible.

“He’s very disappointed because he was hoping to help the profile of the NBL and bring in new fans,” Bauman said after speaking to Bogut by phone. “But the risks for his outstanding money were too great.”

In Australia they say they are still looking for a way to figure out the insurance issues. The agent says its not going to happen — agents don’t like their players to risk money.

You know, if the owners and players would just end the lockout, this whole situation would be moot.