Blake Griffin gets naked for ESPN, but in a good way


ESPN the Magazine is coming out soon with its annual “body issue” where artistic photographs of athletes’ bodies — barely covered — show off the human form. And likely sells some copies, because isn’t the point of art to make money off of it?

Which leads us to Funny or Die intern — and someday again Los Angeles Clipper — Blake Griffin sending out this tweet (hat tip to Ball Don’t Lie).

In my darker days I did nude modeling for my local YMCA art class and @espnmagwas there #sorry #bodyissue

Attached was this photo of a nude Griffin going all Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man on the cover. Clearly, Griffin has not stopped working out during the lockout (Griffin has a ridiculously strong work ethic, for the record.) We bring this to you because… well, we like it better than Amar’e Stoudemire’s jump last year for the same issue.