Players union to pay for “workout centers” during lockout


One of the fun guessing games of the lockout is wondering who is going to go Shawn Kemp — return from the lockout overweight and out of shape. No fair picking Eddy Curry, you have to better than that.

To quell the perception of players siting around with their PS3s and waiting for the phone to ring and getting fat, union chief Billy Hunter said in his Tuesday press conference (after the disaster of a negotiating session) that the union would be setting up workout centers for the players.

They would be located in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston and maybe Miami. Places you can already find a lot of players.

A number of teams have worked out together recently (the Thunder and 76ers among them) and there were organized runs in Las Vegas at the Impact facility (which could be where the union plans to pay for its centers). There also have been more pro-am games than Stephen Hawking could count. All of which have been entertaining and kept guys in shape, if not working on their defense. The centers can do that, to.

Let’s just hope these union-sponsored centers are not needed for long.