Luol Deng’s face is on British five-pound note. Take that, Rose.


If you’re going to pay for that cup of Earl Grey tea (hot!) in Brixton, why not use Luol Deng?

You can, because Luol Deng’s face has been added to a special “complementary currency” in Brixton, England, celebrating famous people who grew up there. Deng, born in the Sudan but raised in Brixton after his family emigrated, is on the fiver, as reported by Business Insider (via Blog-a-Bull and Ball Don’t Lie).

Deng is on the five, David Bowie gets the $20. That seems fair. Here were Deng’s comments.

“I am honored to be featured on the new Brixton Pound notes,” said Deng on his foundation’s website. “I grew up as a young teenager player basketball for the Brixton Topcats which marked the beginning of my career. So it is with great pleasure that I am helping to support the local community that played a vital part in getting where I am today.”

Everything I know about Brixton I learned from the Clash. But good for Deng, and it gives him a good taunt — let’s see Kobe or Derrick Rose get their face on a five spot.