Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett show up for NBA labor talks


When you think of the cool, level-headed NBA players you want in the room while the most sensitive of NBA labor negotiations take place, who comes to mind?

Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant, of course.

They were two of the NBA players who showed up Tuesday in Manhattan (New York, not Kansas) for Tuesday’s big meeting, tweets Howard Beck of the New York Times. Also in attendance are Paul Pierce (who has been at all sessions since last week), Ben Gordon and the usual players committee, which includes Chris Paul, Roger Mason and others.

The bringing in of NBA stars — plus about 10 NBA owners — shows the seriousness of the talks. Although, every time these talks have had more than just a small group in the room, things have gone poorly. Including last week.

Wish I could find a reason to be positive. I do. On the court, Kobe and KG give you reason to feel positive. In the negotiating room, hard stares and KG clapping his hands is not going to intimidate David Stern.