Kevin Durant wants to do Oklahoma City charity game


Since we’re apparently not going to have any NBA ball for a while, might as well keep the pro-am circuit rolling. This weekend has LeBron James and the Heat hosting a charity event in Miami, then on Sunday the Drew vs. Goodman League rematch is in Los Angeles. After that…

How about a game in Oklahoma City?

Kevin Durant wants to put one together, he tweeted out this weekend after the Chris Paul game. The Oklahoman has the details.

“Had a lot of fun with my NBA homes at @CP3’s basketball game in Winston Salem State…be on the lookout for a game in OKC in mid October!” Durant wrote after participating in New Orleans point guard Chris Paul’s event.

Durant told The Oklahoman that securing a venue was one of the biggest hurdles.

“It’s more than just saying you want to do it,” Durant said. “Finding a place to play, because you know if we do it it’s going to be packed. Everybody in Oklahoma City is going to want to see it. I want to try to do it and get not just our players from our team but guys all around the league to come play in it and make it a nice event”

It’s a little easier to get guys to show up to Miami or Los Angeles. But if KD is putting it on, guys will show and play. And right now we need all the distractions we can get.