If you have the accent, Brooklyn Nets need announcer


Do you have a thick Brooklyn accent, one that makes people instantly think of Coney Island and egg creams? Can you yell?

Then we may have a job for you.

With their move to Brooklyn next season, the Nets are looking for a new public address announcer and are hosting open tryouts, according to the New Post.

“We’re looking for a fresh voice — people with a booming, dynamic voice that’ll make the building shake,” said Petra Pope, the Nets senior vice president of event marketing.

Make the building shake? Well, so much for the understated tones of Lakers PA guy Lawrence Tanter. We’re talking more John Mason yelling “Deeeetroit Bas-ket-ball.”

The gig starts immediately… well, whenever the lockout ends. The new PA guy will work this season in New Jersey. Don’t worry, longtime PA announcer Gary Sussman still has a job, working in public relations for the Nets.