Delonte West says he has a job in a furniture store


Delonte West has a job. One a lot more like yours than his last one as point guard for the Celtics.

Throughout the lockout West has tweeted about getting a job — at Home Depot was the big one, but there have been other efforts.

Then Wednesday came these tweets:

Applied at Regency Furniture, need a 2nd job to stay afloat during the lockout. (This tweet included a photo of the application.)

I am now an official employee of Regency Furniture.. Check me out on my first day (attached was a photo of West driving his car)

West applied for full-time work in a “stock” position with Regency, which is a furniture chain with seven stores Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C., according to the company Web site.

On his application, West admitted he has been convicted of a crime, when asked to explain it he simply wrote “misunderstanding.”

Forget what David Stern is saying, this is the real pressure to get the lockout solved this weekend.