Who dunks the most? It’s not the Clipper you think.


Really fascinating little bit of research over at Golden State of Mind (a fantastic Warriors blog you should be checking out anyway) — they ran the numbers to see who had the most dunks, layups, hook shots and tip in across the NBA last season.

They did it by “dunks per 100 possessions,” which basically comes down to when this guy makes a play how often does he dunk (or tip in or lay up).

Not shockingly, it was a Clipper on top of the dunk parade — DeAndre Jordan. What, you were expecting someone else on the Clippers? Oh, him. He came in third.

Here are the top 10 dunkers (but check out the entire link to see the top 30):

1. DeAndre Jordan (Clippers, 4.45 per 100 possessions)
2. Dwight Howard (Magic, 4.21)
3. Blake Griffin (Clippers, 4.04)
4. JaVale McGee (Wizards, 3.82)
5. Tyson Chandler (Mavericks, 3.48)
6. Ryan Hollins (Cavaliers, 3.37)
7. Hakim Warrick (Suns, 3.33)
8. Andrew Bynum (Lakers, 2.88)
9. Kenyon Martin (Nuggets, 2.83)
10. LaMarcus Aldridge (Trail Blazers, 2.82)

Not sure there are a lot of surprises on that list.

Top three guys in layups per 100: Leandro Barbosa, Tony Parker and Carmelo Anthony. That says a lot about Anthony’s ability off the dribble and how he creates shots.

Top three guys at getting tip ins: Marcus Camby (but he made just 36.4 percent of them), Andrew Bogut (48.8 percent) and Joakim Noah (55.4 percent).

Top three guys to take hook shots? Bogut (made 44.8 percent), Darko Milicic (45.3 percent), Roy Hibbert (54.2 percent). Maybe Hibbert can show that hook shot off a little on Parks and Recreation Thursday night.