Italian club alters offer to Kobe: $2.5 million for one month


It sounds like Kobe Bryant and Italian team Virtus Bologna are farther apart on a deal than the NBA owners and players.

Recently Kobe reportedly demanded $15 million, before taxes, to play an entire season. Owner Claudio Sabatini was shocked by this (it was more than double his last offer) and came back with his own new offer, according to Sportando.

Claudio Sabatini made a new offer to Kobe Bryant: $2.5M before taxes for one month (more than $1M net).

Hard to say that will motivate Kobe, but it was never really about the money. Kobe has plenty and is set to make $25 million next NBA season, so another $1 million is pocket change to him. That said, this has always been more about the PR than actually landing the player to Virtus Bologna, and this is good PR.

In the end, the real question was always “does Kobe want to go?” And with his desire to win a sixth ring as his real motivation, risking injury and putting more miles on tired knees to play overseas never really made sense.

But he says he is listening, which means the offers will keep coming,