Owners, players talks Tuesday focused on “concepts”

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NBA owners and players sat down for two hours in a New York hotel meeting room Tuesday and did not talk specifics, rather focusing on general concepts and ideas. That covered both the split of revenue and the salary cap system, both sides said.

If you want, go ahead and take that as a sign of progress. At least they are talking. But there were no proposals, nothing concrete that moved the talks forward either.

Whether Tuesday’s talks were successful will become clear when the sides meet again on Wednesday NBA Commissioner David Stern suggested, according to multiple reports via twitter from reporters staking out the hotel. If Wednesday’s talks go well the two sides could meet again Friday (although with the Jewish holiday that may not be likely), and if not we could see more cancelations of preseason games from the league.

Here are some quotes, via the twitter of Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo.

David Stern: “spent some quality time discussing concepts…” and decided to return to respective offices and discuss among themselves.

Fisher essentially said both sides needed to retreat and discuss among themselves. Insisted no new proposals made. Back again tomorrow.

The best post-conference quote came from Stern, who borrowed the classic line from Rasheed Wallace that “both sides played hard.”

We’ll see if it was hard enough to move the lockout off its recent stalemate.