He’s not just an owner, Jay-Z to help design new Nets uniforms


I’m now picturing the Nets warming up in hoodies that say Rocawear across the chest. But that’s not going to happen. Probably.

Still, Nets owner Jay-Z — the rap mogul who has had his hand in a number of businesses, including fashion — is going to help design the new Brooklyn Nets uniforms, according to the New York Post. As part of that the team’s colors are likely to change from the current red, white and blue, officials said.

Jay Z, Adidas and the Nets are currently ironing out a logo for the Brooklyn Nets and deciding what colors their uniforms should be.

No matter what, the logo will feature Brooklyn prominently because the club wants to tap into the borough’s world-popular brand name, officials said.

Officials said they even flirted with renaming the team the Brooklyn Dodgers — replacing the baseball team that moved west more than 50 years ago — but realized that was just a terrible idea all around. And that’s still a better idea than the one from burrough president Marty Markowitz, who wanted the “Brooklyn ‘Tudes.” Seriously. He should lose his next election on that idea alone.

The best line of the presser came from Jay-Z, when asked how many concerts he would do to open the building.

“Maybe one, maybe two, maybe three, I sound like LeBron [James] now.”