Want to own a Kobe autographed smart car? Move to China.

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You kind of expect a limited edition, signed Kobe Bryant “black mamba” car to be a Ferrari 360 Modena. Something he owns and seems to fit his personality. Or maybe something he could jump over.

A limited edition smart car?

That’s the black mamba car and you can’t get it here, according to the Orange County Register.

Bryant’s signature Smart car, the limited-edition “Black Mamba” Fortwo (only 500 were manufactured) recently was released in China. The car features a fully blacked out exterior and interior Brabus wheels. Topping it off is Bryant’s signature “Kobe Edition” written on the hood.

The cost? A mere $19,412. Make that special someone happy and get one before they are gone.

If you’re not familiar with the Fortwo, it’s a small, rear-engine two-seat car. You might say “not very Mamba like” but this is the car he drove in a commercial from China. You can get a variation of it here in America, but not a blacked out sweet “black mamba” version. Which is too bad, it’s not that much more expensive than his shoes.