Lockout? What lockout, people in OKC still buying tickets


There are only two professional sports in Oklahoma — college football and the NBA.

And fans are flocking to see both. Or, in the case of the NBA, they will be flocking there once there is a season.

The Oklahoma City Thunder became the fifth NBA team to sell out its allotment of season tickets, reports the Oklahoman (via I am a GM). There will still be some single game tickets available for purchase (eventually) but the Thunder were able to fill the crucial seats with season tickets. That’s a step on the road to making money.

The sell out says something about that city’s commitment to the team, although you can wonder what would happen if the Thunder were not one of the NBA’s up-and-coming teams, a title contender with a huge star in Kevin Durant. This is not a big market to draw from, it’s something to wath should this team ever struggle for a few years.

But for now, people want to see the Thunder. And Durant.

The other teams to sell out season seats? The Lakers, Celtics, Bulls and Knicks. In keeping with Miami in-game traditions, Heat fans will show up and sell out games after the first quarter of the season.