Kyrie Irving’s foot will not be right for three more months


Cavaliers No. 1 pick Kyrie Irving is not a guy who likes to sit on the sidelines — he rushed back to play for Duke in the NCAA Tournament last March even though his foot was not 100 percent.

So if the Cavaliers training camp were to open next week — it’s not — he would be there ready to go, saying he feels “150 percent better.”

But his foot will not be fully healed for another three months, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Irving is one of the guys who benefits physically from the lockout — the longer it goes on the more his foot heals. And the longer he is not being mentored by Baron Davis. Of course, on the downside is the whole “haven’t signed an NBA contract, making no money” thing.

His foot not healing could be an issue during the grind of an NBA season (even a condensed one). Last season John Wall played through nagging injuries and was never the explosive player some expected. He could have a breakout sophomore campaign if healthy.

In the short term, Irving will be back at Duke working on his education. And waiting for the lockout to end. Just like the rest of us.