Video: John Wall shines again in Indy vs. Goodman League exhibition

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Perhaps you’re struggling to make any sense out of these exhibition games. Truth be told, there’s almost nothing to take away from them. They’re for the players to stay in playing shape, hang out, get taken care of by promoters, and make a few highlights. The trends we see with players shining can have vastly different impacts. For example, everyone I’ve spoken to regarding Josh Selby and his unlikely burst of relevancy has questioned whether he can convert his pick-up skills into a team setting, particularly at the pro-level. But there are players we’re seeing who seem to be improving in their young careers and becoming something more than when last we saw them. Brandon Jennings is an obvious example, and that’s not about the Kobe nonsense or the Under Armour promotion. But another example?

John Wall.

Wall’s healthy, and he’s playing while taking classes. He’s showing a lot of what was expected of him when he was drafted. Is it an exhibition one-off? Sure. But the burst, athleticism, and handle is there. His athleticism is going to take him a very long way and if you don’t believe that, I’d ask you to take a look at Derrick Rose’s MVP trophy.

So in the Goodman vs. Indy “Ball For It All” highlights below, you can take note of how Wall looks, how he’s finishing, (and how Jeff Teague is torching him defensively). I’m not saying this shows any indication that Wall’s going to be MIP next year or anything. I’m just adding it to your mental depository. As Indiana blog Indy Cornrows said:

“Wall was just Wall, hitting that custom boost button no one else had on the court.”