Team executives send nearly identical “personal” letters to fans


When the NBA formally cancelled the first preseason games on Friday, team executives from all 30 teams reached out to fans with a personal letter saying they apologize and promise them that the league is working on the labor situation.

Except, the letter wasn’t all that personal. It shows that NBA execs do know how to use the cut and past feature on their word documents.

The Salt Lake Tribune got a hold of Jazz president Randy Rigby’s letter. Then they compared it to the letters of Portland’s Larry Miller, Houston’s Tad Brown and Atlanta’s Bob Williams.

All four letters appear to rely upon NBA talking points concerning ongoing collective bargaining agreement negotiations, with each executive inserting small individual sections about their teams in their messages. The sentence “The NBA’s goal is to secure a sustainable business model that enables all 30 teams to compete for a championship, fairly compensates players, and ensures a world-class experience for our fans,” appears almost word for word in all four letters.

It’s not personal, it’s spin. It’s talking points. Right now everything around the NBA is spin.