Players union meeting next Tuesday in Miami. Who shows?


Last week, a couple days after one of the disappointing negotiating sessions between the owners and players, there was a players meeting in Las Vegas. One where they preached unity.

But only about 40 players — about 10 percent of the union membership — showed up. That was less than the number of guys playing in the Impact Series in that same city at the time.

Maybe Miami and it’s nightlife will be a better draw. Union president Derek Fisher and director Billy Hunter must think so, because Miami will be home to a players union meeting next Tuesday. The meeting will update the players on how there has been almost no movement in the negotiations.

Another poor turnout by the players will turn a few heads among the owners, although I’m not sure it really makes a difference in the big picture. Right now the union still has the support of the players and they have their line in the sand on a hard salary cap. But eventually the players will want to see a new plan from Hunter and Fisher to end this.