Chauncey Billups says his knee is good to go… are the Knicks?


Chauncey Billups is 35 years old and wasn’t really the guy anyone pictured leading a high-octane offense when he was 25. But there he will be whenever next season starts, as the point guard for Mike D’Antoni’s New York Knicks.

That was hampered last season by a strained left knee that made it harder and more painful to play at the pace the Knicks were expected to be at.

But after giving it some run at the Impact Series in Las Vegas, Billups told Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated he’s good. Here’s the tweet:

Chauncey Billups says the knee is “completely healed.” Says he has been working hard on it for two or three weeks.

The Knicks are going to be an interesting team to watch next season. They could have used a full training camp to really meld, something that didn’t happen last season. (What, you think camps will not be condensed? We told you not to take the red pill.) They could have used a full training camp to get used to playing Mike Woodson’s defense. We have no idea what they will (or can) do in free agency but they need a big to protect the rim on defense and grab some boards. They have a long way to go to catch the Heat and Bulls, or even the Celtics.

But Billups knee is good, that’s a start.