Rockets forward Patterson had ankle surgery in August


Bone spurs suck. Surgery sucks, too, but if you’re trying to play NBA basketball bone spurs in your ankle are a bigger problem.

So in August Rockets forward Patrick Patterson had surgery to remove the spurs from his right ankle, his agent told the Houston Chronicle.

“He was playing through it the past couple years,” (agent O’Dell) McCants said Monday. “He’s right on schedule to be ready if training camp does start on time.”

They’re not, so he has some extra time. Patterson had a solid rookie season, gaining the trust of the Rockets coaching staff and getting more minutes as the season wore on. He shot 55.8 percent on his way to 6.3 points per game and was a good rebounder. He may never be an All-Star, but he can be the kind of solid starter that every NBA team could use, the kind of guy who could have a long career. Best to clear up the ankle issues now so he can more easily take a step forward next season.