State of Nate video: Nate Robinson’s kid plays some football


We bring you the second edition of State of Nate, the video that follows Nate Robinson around.

Like to a pro-am game where the Thunder guard plays four quarters, drops a lot of buckets (his missess somehow got edited out, I guess) and then bails as the game heads to overtime to watch his son play football. The best part of the video is Robinson’s reaction to his boy’s first play from scrimage. I only wish Big Baby was there for him to jump on. (Pete Carroll probably saw the play and offered Nate’s son a tryout.)

Block out some time, this if 15 minutes long. But it’s Friday, it’s not like you were going to be working anyway. It’s either watch Nate or senior citizens trying to figure out a Web cam. (Hat tip to I am a GM.)