Kevin Johnson to run for re-election as Sacramento mayor


Without Kevin Johnson, we would be talking about the Anaheim Royals right now, not the Sacramento Kings. The team would have been on the move.

The former NBA player is the mayor of Sacramento and made an impassioned plea to league owners to give him a year to both rally community support and get plans for a new arena off the ground. Johnson is now working hard against a March deadline to pull together financing and finalize plans to build a new arena in Sacramento. It’s a massive undertaking.

And now Johnson is about to take on another massive project at the same time — a re-election campaign. That according to the Sacramento Bee (via SLAM).

Right now there does not seem to be any serious opposition lined up against Johnson, but that could change if opponents see him as vulnerable.

I’m not going to pretend to know much about Sacramento city politics, but if Johnson were voted out the new arena project would certainly be in jeopardy.